mercredi 22 février 2012

Wash day

Hi there!

I made it, finally I got it in my schedule! I will keep it close now, what may you ask? The mid-week wash and deep conditionning! I managed to keep my schedule on track in order to wash and DC today. I'm so glad I did.
I washed with the Kerastase Oleo-relax line that I use on and off. Do not get me wrong: it's an excellent product line but the price tag and I are not friends. In France, it's less expensive respect to the US price tag but I think it's too expensive for what it is. I do not know why but I always end up repurchasing it. I gess I could add it to my staple list and make it permanent in my product stash. For some reason, I can't get myself to stick to it.

Back to the products.
I shampooed once with the Kerastase Oleo-relax shampoo. This shampoo instantly makes my hair soft like butter. I detangled my hair before rinsing the shampoo. I got absolutely no tangle. This is the only shampoo so far that I can detangle with.
After rinsing the shampoo, I squeezed the excess water and then apply the Kerastase Oleo-relax slim mask. This product always leave my hair the softest it can be but I prefer the old formula Kerastase Oleo-relax. I've used in the past faithfully this old formula and saw good results. Even though I was having a dominican blow out every week with a lot of heat, my hair was very healthy.
The new formula has a stronger smell but is thicker than the old version. The smell is nice but too strong and lingers in your hair for days.
I went under my steamer with the Kerastase Oleo-relax slim DC.
Soft city! My hair is thriving right now.

I accidently textlaxed during my last relaxer. I was not happy for a while but I have to admit that I'm loving the texture it leaves in my hair.
Some texture shots: first with the deep conditionner and after rinsing the conditionner, no product added

Who knows, I might start texlaxing from now on. I haven't decided yet.


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