samedi 14 mai 2011

Relaxer Day

Yesterday was my relaxer day.

I decided to switch to lye relaxer and I used the ORS Lye in normal strength.

I was so scared of burning that I underprocessed my hair! I overdid the whole basing thing. First of all, I did not use coconut and and castor oil as I usually do but vaseline. Yep thick greasy vaseline, I could slap myself for that!
I left the relaxer for the minimum recommended time. With my sensitive scalp, I was fully convinced that I would burn if I left it any longer.
Now, I do like this relaxer as the relaxed new growth is way more shinny and soft than the rest of the hair.
I will probably use it again for my August relaxer but this time I would leave it the extra 5 minutes and I will use coconut oil, not vaseline.
Lye relaxer are maybe for me and my sensitive scalp :)

I'm loving my hair right now for the shine and moisture level: purely amazing!
I'm APL now, yeahh!!!

lundi 2 mai 2011

Product review: Bee mine Luscious balanced cream moisturizer

I wanted to try this moisturizer for a while.

I've ordered from British curlies website this item in my last hair product haul.

First, I have to say that I made my own cream moisturizer with all natural ingredients before puting my hands on this moisturizer.
I'm very happy with my personal recipe but the PJ in me wanted to try Bee Mine Luscious Balancing Cream.
With all the hype around it, I was dying to test it.

The consistency is light and fluffly and the smell is nice and exotic . The first time I used it the smell was a little to strong for my liking but I got used to it.
The cream is rich and I do not advise to use it when you are about to flat iron. But for the braid out and buns: it's the business!
The first time I used it, I was in a dry climate which was a big no no for my hair. My hair was dry and greasy. I could not understand why the product was siting on my hair leaving it like Sahara desert!
I was a little bit puzzled: is this the moisturizer everyone is raving about?

I did not gave away and once I got back home, I tried it again. My hair was butter soft! I could not believe that the same product gave such different results!
I could sleek my edges so easily when wearing buns and my curls were so defined when I did my braid out.

All in all I like this moisturizer but I will not purchase it again.
Don't get me wrong: it's a very good moisturizer but I have the same results with my own cream recipe.
Plus my recipe is  bit lighter and I can use it when I wear my hair flat ironed.

Rating: Excellent
Ciao ciao