I love mixing up concoctions! It must be my chemistry background hiting up!!!
These are favorite recipes I use frequently
Enjoy playing around with them!

Moisturizing and detangling spritz:- 1oz of Aloe vera juice
- 1/2 oz of leave-in conditionner of your choice (neutrogena silk touch leave in or kinky curly knot today or herbal essences long term relationship beautiful ends)
- 1 teaspoon of macadamia oil

Prepoo detangling spritz:
- 1 and  1/2 oz of Aloe vera juice
- 2 oz of instant conditionner of your choice with the best slip ever (I use Timotei couleur éclat après-shampoing)
- 1 teaspoon of macadamia oil

Moisturizing hair cream/lotion
This one is my favorite moisturizer. I haven't found something that work better for my hair.
It's so mositurizing! My hair sucks it up!
 It's not greasy at all and does not live a film or coat the hair.
It's made with organic ingredients and it's cheap if you consider the quantities.
This is my favorite over the Bee Mine Luscious hair mositurizer as it's less greasy and I do not have to order it online.