lundi 20 février 2012

Coconut oil

Hi people!

What? already another post? Sounds strange for those of you who are familiar with my blog! yeah, yeah, yeah, I know... I'm trying to focus again on my hair journey.
So today, I would like to discuss Coconut oil as you would gess from the title.

At the beginning of my hair journey, I hated this oil in my hair. Do not get me wrong, I love the coconut oil smell, but the effects on my hair, no, mmm, no, No, oh no!
Researching in the internet, most of the article state how this oil could strengthen your strands when added in your regimen but for me it was a whole different story. My soft hair would turn hard as soon as coconut oil would touch it. When combing my hair, I would find small pieces everywhere!
Talk about strengthening...

I stayed away from Coconut oil for a while beacause of this curious reaction from my strands.
I rediscovered it a year ago, when I wanted to get rid of my big unused jar. I first started mixing it with avocado oil or jojoba oil to seal after moisturizing. The result was amazingly soft but strong hair. I could not believe it. I checked every area of my regimen to understand this sudden change. I'm simply using less protein respect to the beginning of my journey. This hindered me from receiving all the benefits from this marvellous oil.
I learn it well: before ditching any product, give it a chance to work with different combinations first and keep an eye on your current protein/moisture balance!

Benefits for my hair:
  • Stronger hair
  • Soft hair
  • Shiny hair
  • no more dry hair
It's my first oil of choice now when it comes to sealing or for a hot oil treatment.

What was your experience with coconut oil? please share.

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