jeudi 11 août 2011

Detangling: paradise or hell

Detangling has always been underated in my hair regimen.
I've always relied on the product to work it's magic for it and never really felt the need to improve my technique. Oh boy I was wrong!!!

With my hair's current length, I understand now how important it is to have a good technique for detangling. Do not get me wrong, I'm combing from tip to roots, with a large tooth comb but still my technique had to be improved.

My detangling process is now the following:
1- Take my time. If I'm in a hurry, no detangling for me. I just lightly separate the strands and push back my hair in a bun;
2 - Grab all the products and tools I need: combs, moisturizer, oil, butterfly clips
3 - Gently part the hair in 4 sections and lightly separate the strands with my fingers. This helps a lot to remove all the tangles GENTLY!
4 - Part each section in 2 or 3 and apply the moisturizer to each section and put a butterfly clip on each.
Since my hair does not like wet detangling, I use my moisturizing spritz with aloe vera very lightly before applying the moisturizer.
5 - Once all sections are done, start with applying the oil to each section and put a butterfly clip on each.
6 - Start detangling the first section from tip to root with gentle short strokes using the shower comb. Then use the wide tooth comb to get all shed hairs.
7 - Once all sections are done, I can proceed to styling.

With this technique, no more tangled hair and less breakage from combing.
These are the combs I use in this process.

Ciao Ciao

dimanche 7 août 2011

Aloe Vera juice detangler

I've been using Aloe vera juice and gel since the beginning of my hair journey but in and off.

With the hot summer, my hair is so dry and the new growth is difficult to detangle when I'm many days post wash.
I came up with different spritz to detangle, moisturize my hair inspired by Kimmaytube recipe.

Hereby the recipes I use:

Moisturizing and detangling spritz:
- 1oz of Aloe vera juice
- 1/2 oz of leave-in conditionner of your choice (neutrogena silk touch leave in or kinky curly knot today or herbal essences long term relationship beautiful ends)
- 1 teaspoon of macadamia oil

Prepoo detangling spritz:
- 1 and  1/2 oz of Aloe vera juice
- 2 oz of instant conditionner of your choice with the best slip ever (I use Timotei couleur éclat après-shampoing)
- 1 teaspoon of macadamia oil

This is the brand I use:


Paul Mitchell: moisture and strength

Hi people
So far so good with the Paul Mitchell products I've been using.
I'm currently 12 weeks post and my under-processed hair and new growth are thriving with this product right now.
I'm due for a relaxer but I decided to stretch until mid-september as my hair is so manageable!
There is one thing I wish would be better: I like to DC on dry hair before a cowash. I find myself using way more product for my liking.
I will try spritzing my hair first with Aloe vera juice before applying the DC.
I hope it will help to cut down the amount of product used.