vendredi 10 août 2012

Timotei Délice bio

Hey there! Coucou les filles! As you can read this post will be in French and English.

Today I would like to talk about a line that I've tried during my product junkie phase.
Timotei Délice Bio line has a sulfate free and silicone free shampoo and conditionner. PLUS these products are made with organic ingredients.
There are two different lines of Délice Bio:
  • Vitalité et nutrition that is targeting dry and damaged hair
  • Vitalité éclat that tartgets normal hair
I picked the Vitalité et nutrition line as my relaxed strands are dry. I picked up the shampoo and the conditionner.
Before using the shampoo on my hair, I used it to clean up some makeup brushes with natural hair. After rinsing the brushes, I thought, I won't be using it on my hair as the brushes hair turned out stiff.
I did not even tried the conditionner on its own and start mixing it with good DC in order to finish it up. If they did not make a good moisturizing shampoo, how could they make a good conditionner? I was wrong...
Weeks after, I used the conditionner for a cowash and my hair turn out soft but strong. What a surprise!!!
The next wash day, I DC on dry hair and then used the system: shampoo+conditionner.
To my surprise, the shampoo did not tangled my hair and was very moisturizing. My hair was very soft, no stiffness whatsoever!!! For a sulfate free shapoo, it did lather quiet well also.
 After rinsing, I proceed with the conditionner. As soon as I put the conditionner, my hair was very soft. I left it for 3 minutes before rinsing. I then  added a dime size amount of the conditionner on my soaking wet hair as my leave-in before air-drying. The softness of my hair remained after air-drying and my hair was moisturized and frizz free!

I noticed that the longer the conditionner was sitting in the hair, the better were the results. I might be using the conditionner for a DC session.

Overall rating: A

Aujourd'hui, je voudrais vous parler d'une gamme que j'ai essayé pendant ma phase testeuse invéterée.

La gamme Timotei Délice Bio contient des shampooing  et après shampooing sans sulfate et sans silicones. DE PLUS, ces produits sont fabriqués avec des ingrédients biologiques.
Il  existe deux gammes Délice Bio:
  • Vitalité nutrition pour cheveux secs et abîmés
  • Vitalité éclat pour cheveux normaux
J'ai opté pour Vitalité nutrition comme mes cheveux defrisés sont assez secs, avec le shampooing et l'apres-shampooing.
Avant d'utiliser le shampooing sur mes cheveux, je l'ai utilisé pour nettoyer des pinceaux de maquillage avec des poils naturels. Après rinçage des pinceaux, les poils étaient assez rêches, de telle sorte que je ne pensais pas utiliser ces produits sur mes cheveux. Je n'ai même pas essayé l'apres-shampooing tout seul et je l'ai mélangé à certains de mes masques à laisser poser pour le finir. Je me disais que si le shampoing n'etait pas top, l'après shampooing ne l'aurait pas été non plus! Mais cela restait encore à voir ...

Quelques semaines après, j'ai utilisé l'après-shampoiing pour un cowash. Il a rendu mes cheveux doux, hydratés mais aussi renforcés. Quelle surprise!
Le lavage suivant, j'ai posé mon soin profond sur cheveux secs puis j'ai utilisé le système: shampooing + après-shampooing. À ma grande surprise, le shampooing ne m'a pas emmêlé les cheveux qui étaient plutôt hydtratés. Mes cheveux étaient très doux, aucun aspect rêche au toucher! Pour un shampooing sans sulfate, il mousse assez bien.
Après le rinçage, j'ai pousuivi avec l'après-shampooing. Dès que je l'ai mis, mes cheveux étaient très doux. Je l'ai laissé pendant 3 minutes avant de rincer. J'en ai ajouté une noisette sur mes cheveux comme après-shampooing sans rinçage avant de sécher à l'air libre.
La douceur de mes cheveux est restée après séchage à l'air libre. Mes cheveux était hydratés et sans frisottis! J'ai remarqué que plus le temps de pose est long, meilleurs sont les résultats.
Je pense le tester en soin profond.

Note globale: A

lundi 6 août 2012

Wash day

Hi there!
This last week I've been cowashing almost every day because of the heat: it's 34/35°C out there!
The weather is also very dry and windy sometimes. I just slathered any conditionner I wanted to use up, let it sit for 5 to 10 minutes before rinsing.
So during yesterday's washing session, I knew I had to shampoo my hair to get rid of all the products coating my hair.
I started first with DC on dry hair. I mixed ORS replenishing conditionner with CON argan oil conditionner, wheat germ oil, hemp seed oil, lineseed oil and castor oil. I added also some glycerin for extra moisture.
I let it sit 1 hour under my heating cap and left it at room temperature for 2 to 3 hours before rinsing. I then shampooed with "le petit marseillais shampooing 2 en 1 à la framboise". This kid shampoo is sulfate-free, moisturizes and detangles. After rinsing, my hair smelt raspberry, yummy!

I followed up with a cheapie rinse out conditionner that was sitting in my stash.
I then toweled dry my hair before applying Kinky curly knot today as my leaving and sealed with coconut oil.
I let my hair airdry in a damp bun. I moisturized last night with my homemade concoction.
I woke up with very soft hair and new growth.

I planned to use up all the OK products in my stash before the switch to the Paul Mitchell products.

My 13 weeks new growth is requested more products with each wash and DC sessions so I hope to use up most of the products by my next relaxer.
If they are not finished yet, I'll donate them.
Ciao Ciao

dimanche 5 août 2012

Products: final choice

Hi there!

Some posts ago, I decided that I no longer wanted to mix and match different ranges to tailor fit my hair needs.
Two brands had my favours:
- Keracare
- Paul Mitchell
The two products ranges did show their effectiveness on my hair. The availability of the range is also a big criteria and I do not mind ordering online.

Keracare Pros
- It is easy access for me (available on
- Keracare Humecto and hydrating detangling shampoo are in my staple shampoo and conditionners
- Huge package quantity available at a decent price

Keracare cons
- no protein based products tried and liked from this range
- no clarifying shampoo tested and approved
- long DC sessions to see the products work
- have to mix with oils, glycerin to see results

Paul Mitchell Pros 
- Covers every area of my regimen: moisture, protein and clarifying products available
- Huge package quantity available
- My hair LOVE these products
- Versatile products as they can be used for a long or quick DC session and still be effective.
- no mixing with oils, glycerin necessary unless I want to boost the product effects

Paul Mitchell cons
- Big package quantity not easy access anymore, ( until a last minute jewel found)

Until yesterday, I was going toward the Keracare Line because of the last minute difficulties I had to find the Paul Mitchell products. Paul Mitchell products are salon exclusive. Until recently, I was able to buy them to the local pro shop thanks to professionnal hairdresser I knew. This was until he moved, leaving me with this dilemma: how to purchase them. The pro shop still carry them but you must be a pro member which I'm not.
Yesterday, I was able to solve the dilemma while browsing the internet. I could purchase it online on Problem solved!

I can now simplify my product stash, tossing out all products opened for more time than stated on the packaging and the not so effective ones.

Products I still have to use up before turning Paul Mitchell 80%:
  • Hairone cleanser
  • Redken hair cleansing cream
  • Neutrogena silk touch leave in
  • Cantu Shea butter leave in
  • ORS neutralizing shampoo  (*)
  • ORS replenishing conditionner (*)
  • Keracare Humecto I still have remaining ( a 100ml from the tub) (*)
  • Aphogee 2 minutes (*)
  • Kerastase Oleo relax shampoo (*)
  • Kerastase Oleo relax slim mask (*)
(*): items that will not be repurchased.
The product junkie in me should fade out with the consistency brought in my product stash.

I'll still use
  • my home-made moisturizer as it is working for me winter and summer,
  • Aphogee 2 step if needed,
  • Affirm 5 in 1 conditionner during my relaxer
  • my oils (wheat germ, coconut, hemp seed, lineseed oil, castor oil, olive oil and avocado oil)
For all the rest, I'll be a Paul Mitchell girl!
Ciao Ciao