mercredi 30 mars 2011

THE secret weapon, well not anymore

Hi people
In the beginning of this journey, my hair could not take a lot of protein even though it needed it.
After any protein treatment, my hair would be hard and tangled like hell. Even though I tried it all: detangling before washing, long DC sessions, wash and condition in section etc.
My beloved steamer was my saviour!

This is the best investment I made in my hair journey and believe me I, yes I am, I am a product junkie. I must confess. Worst, I do not want to go on rehab, no no :).
I DC under the steamer from 8 or 10 weeks post until the end of my 5 monthes stretches.
I must say that I'm addicted. I could never stretch that long with my kinky 4 a/b hair. My hair can become a unruly when I'm deep in my stretch.

Today my hair is strong but soft at the same time: mission accomplished!
Ciao Ciao

mardi 29 mars 2011

Time for STRENGTH!

Hi Everyone

Today I did my Aphogee 2 step treatment which was long overdue!

I've been scared to death about this product but I learned to use it on my hair now. I might use it once during a 5 month stretch, not more.
I started by clarifying with ORS aloe shampoo and then applied the 2 step treatment.
My hair does not care about the balancing moisturizer.  So after rinsing the hair for 20 minutes, I gently towel blot my hair (well not really as I use the turby twist) to remove the excess of water.

I mixed my DC: Keracare Humecto (the tub version) with glycerin, avocado oil and castor oil.
After applying it to my entire hair, I went under my steamer from where I'm posting now.

More to come on the results.

I'm currently 14 weeks post relaxer.
Ciao Ciao

dimanche 13 mars 2011

Product Haul

Hi people!

I've been a bit curious about these products. 
I'll post later my review for each of them. So far I've tested two of them.
I've ordered them online as they are not sold in stores here.

Ciao ciao