dimanche 10 février 2013

Wash day

Hey there
Wash day is back here.

I prepooed overnight wih a Swharzkopf bonacure mask that I wanted to finish up. I coated my hair with grapeseed oil then.
I kept this prepoo until late this morning before I washed my hair. I used Paul Mitchell Moisture shampoo once and then lathered again with Paul Mitchell Super strong shampoo. After rinsing, I slathered on Paul Mitchell Super strong daily conditionner and cover it up. I left it on my hair for 3 hours without heat before rinsing.
I then applied my Chi Keratin mist as my leave in, grapeseed oil and a small amount of Kerastase oleo relax serum.
I detangled my hair with my Hercule Sagemann 5660 comb and then air dryied.
Thanks to this comb, I had only few strands on the comb.
Low manipulation is key.


Home facial Spa

Hey there
Today the weather is not that good out here and I'm in a Spa mood, home Spa mood.
I have sensitive combination skin that is on the dryer side. Only the ails of my nose ares oily and the rest is dry and dehydrated.

I started up with facials starting from exfoliating white clay mask. Ileft it on 5 minutes and then scrub my face before rinsing.
Then I applied yellow clay mask to purify mechanically my skin.

Clay masks exist in a wide variety for any skin type:
- white clay is good for any skin type as it is gentle enough
- yellow clay is for dry skin
-pink clay is for sensitive skin
- green clay is for oily skin
I usually alternate between yellow and pink clay. White clay is already in the exfoliating mask I used.

I then followed up with a gentle purifying mask for combination skin from Terra Humana that is packed full with natural and effective ingredients.
After 10 minutes, I rinsed and followed with an hydrating repulping mask. So far this is the best hydrating mask I've came across. I left it on for 15 minutes to sink in ad then gently massage it until it completely disappeared in the skin. The excess has been wiped over with a cotton pad soaked in witch hazel water.

My skin is glowing now. I love the results.

samedi 9 février 2013

Hair goodies!

Hey there!
My new hair goodies arrived today and I'm sooo happy!

I lost some month ago my magic star wide tooth comb. I'm finally back to low manipulation.

samedi 2 février 2013

Shiseido Radiant Lifting foundation SPF15

Hey there
I stumbled across this foudation from Shiseido during my last trips in Europe. I was positively surprised to find out they had my colour, D20!

This foundation is medium to full coverage and have a nice glowy finish. I really like the finish of this foundation. I have combination skin that is more on the dry side rather than the oily. This foudation is more suitable for dry skin but with a mattifying primer, you can work with it if you have normal skin or combination dry as I do.
I will use it for special occasions during fall/winter are I really liked how smooth the finish was.
Rating: A
Ciao Ciao