samedi 17 août 2013

Long overdue....

Hey there!

Long time, no read... Sorry for not posting for a while but life had been hectic during the past few months. I've been quiet busy with work, travels, family... Thanks for the new follower and to those of you who are still around. I really appreciate.

I relaxed my hair somewhere end of June, one or two weeks shy from the 6 month mark. I did not planned to stretch this long. I just kept going on with my regimen without worrying about the calendar. I was pretty happy about the results of this stretch even though I wish I added more protein in my DC sessions. My hair was great but a little on the weak side for my liking. No setback (crossing finger for the future!). I have a long torso and BSL seems far for me but I'm working my way to it. The goal will be to reach it by December 2013. MBL and BSL are 2 to 3 inch far for me so the big step is definitely reaching BSL.

I've added more DC/cowashing sessions to my regimen as the temperature rose. Every other day, I cowash alternating moisture and protein conditioners. My hair likes it so far. I would DC with one of the cowash sessions twice a week. I also clarify once every two weeks to get rid of any product build up.

I've been moisturizing and sealing following the L.C.O. method. The area I live has a very dry weather, so this way, I can keep the moisture level in my hair in check.
Besides, I keep manipulation to the minimum. Since it's been this hot, I do not want to rock that may braid outs but mostly buns. That's helping a lot to reduce manipulation. I spice up the buns with some cute accessories or throwing a messy bulky braid here and there et voilà!

See you for the next post!
Ciao Ciao