samedi 19 janvier 2013

Kiehl's Superbly Smoothing Argan Hair Pak

Hey there
I went to restock on the Kiehl's olive oil deep treatment and on whim decided to purchase this product instead.

After trying the Olive oil ask, I was pretty convinced that Kiel's might have other gems to discover.
So I went ahead and purchased a few more products, among them this Superbly Smoothing Argan Hair Pak. The nice lady at the Kiehl's counter gave me samples of the argan oil shampoo and conditionner to try the full system. The hair mask is the only one I've used several times so the only one that will be reviewed here.

When I first used it in December 2012, I was more than 12 weeks post relaxer. I was dealing with a bunch of new growth. What a better timing to try a smoothing product, right? Well, mmm, how can I say it?
I was expecting my new growth to lay down and finally behave but.... none of that happened! My relaxed ends were thrilling when the new growth was just laughing at it. I was mad at myself because of my pjism that pushed me not to restock on the olive oil mask but to try this one. Hell no!
Beause this baby cost 33 euro, I was fully motivated to make it work for me and not wasting my money.
Since only my relaxed ends liked it, I saved the product for later.
I used it again after my first wash day post relaxer and I must say, the same thing happened again.
My hair was soft city, buttery soft yet strong. A big plus: my hair stayed moisturized between the washs, so for 6 to 7 days!!!! Amazing! Same results as the Super charged mositurizer from Paul Mitchell! I was so happy!
Now the only downside is the smell. If you do not like strong spicy smell, pass on this one. I purchased without smelling it as there was no tester on the counter . I know, I know, but since I love, love the smell of the olive oil mask, I was expecting this one to be nice also. Well, the first wash day I hate it. Since I DC before cowashing with hairone, the smell did not linger too much on my hair.
The other wash days, I DC after washing and man, the smell is no joke! I hate it so much that I tried to cover it with my leave in, oil and moisturizer but, still I could smell it for days.
After the 3rd DC with it, I started to get used to it and it does not bother me any more. That's when the hubby came in.... Mind you: he is fully supportive on this hair journey and does even listen when I speak about APL, BSL; enough to have the patience when I'm hunting for new products.  Sooooo, the hubby after the 3rd DC asked:
Hubby:  -" what's this nice smell? Did you change your perfume?"
This would mean that I'm acting up as I wear faithfully Chanel n°5 and Chanel n°19 for years now.
Me: - "Me? No, not at all!"
He went on:
Hubby:  - "it's really nice. Is it your hair?"
Me: - " You're kidding. This smell is not nice at all and so strong! It's just acceptable"
Hubby: - "Well, I like it a lot" walking away...

I was shocked. He never reacted before to any of the hair product scent I was raving about except for the Elasta QP mango butter.

Well, all this to tell you that this is a particular scent, you like it or you leave it.

This product can be purchased
- online at
- counters: Printemps Haussmann or Le Bon marché Paris

Rating: A, because of the smell
Ciao Ciao

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