dimanche 6 octobre 2013

WANTED: Clarifying Wash!

Hey there!

Once I came accross a car that was so dirty that someone finger wrote on the dust: "LAVAMI!" i.e. from Italian "CLEAN ME!". Well,my hair just did the same: "CLARIFY ME!".
I haven't clarified for a month, maybe more, I do not even remember the last time I did it.

What made me realized my hair was needing it desperately? Dry frizzy hair no matter how much moisturizer I put in. I've ventured out of my confort zone experimenting with a mix of Herbal essences hellow hydration conditionner mixes with rose water and aloe vera juice as a spritz. Boy, I should know better that my hair does not like when a rinse out conditionner is left on it for days. The only exception so far being Hairone in small amount as leave-in conditionner. I've cowashed in between but no real wash. It was time to bring out the arsenal and bring my hair back to its normal status.

I started the washing session by lathering with Redken Hair cleansing creme to get out all residues. It left my hair squeeky clean as usual.
I then followed with Paul Mitchell Super Strong treatment which I left on for 20 minutes under my heating cap.
After rinsing it out, I applied Roux Porosity control for 3 minutes before rinsing.
I applied then Paul Mitchell The conditionner as leave-in and sealed lightely with my mix of oils.
Right now my hair is buttery soft yet strong and no frizz around.

I've been doing more protein treatments this time as I feel that my hair needs it a bit more than usual. I've been shedding also more than I do this time of the year. I think it's because I do not take anymore hair vitamins. We will see in the coming weeks how it goes.

I'm getting over experimenting here and there new products, yes I've said it. I will clean my stash in the coming weeks, getting rid of any non/under performing products. The dryness and frizzyness beside the desperate clarifying need, was also due to the unconsistency of my regimen, experimenting with products. Sometimes, you have a good hit and sometimes not. Lately the underperforming ones were way too many for my hair to handle it. I'm gonna go back to basics....... for now ;-)

Ciao ciao