mardi 7 juin 2011

Regimen - product revamping

Hello everyone

I've been checking my regimen and products to further improve them.
I'm happy with the results achieve but I would like to take my hair to the next level.

Furthermore, my stash is full of products but I do not have the whole system for any brand represented.
Let me explain, I buy a conditionner from a brand A, then the shampoo from brand B, the leave-in from another brand etc. Is this bad? Well, I would prefer to use my favorite shampoo designed to work with my favorite conditionner, so ONE brand.
Don't get me  wrong, all products in my regimen are staples and work very well on my hair. But usually, there is always something I don't like in the system. As far as we are talking about the leave-in, I'm fine with it. When it comes to the conditionner or shampoo, that's another story.
So I would like to simplify and take my hair to the next level.
I will probably choose one or two professional brand that will carry all I need:
  • clarifying shampoo
  • moisturizing shampoo
  • moisturizing deep conditionner
  • protein shampoo
  • protein conditionner
  • hard protein treatment
To select the brand, my hair should respond well to all the items listed above. It might sound drastic but I think it can be done.

I will not change for the moment:
  • my moisturizers: I'll stick with my homemade moisturizer and Neutrogena Triple moisture silk touch leave-in
  • my leave-in conditionners (Neutrogena Triple moisture silk touch leave-in and Herbal Essence beautiful ends leave-in and Cantu shea butter leave-in).
  • Affirm 5 in 1 conditionner that I use during my relaxer process
  • My relaxer: I haven't decide yet if I will stick with the Optimum care relaxer or the ORS Lye relaxer. My next relaxer is scheduled in August, so I have time.
So far, I've identified two brands: Paul Mitchell (moisture line and strength line) and Keracare.
Below the Paul Mitchell items

Any suggestions?


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