dimanche 3 mars 2013

Wash day: finishing up products

Hey there!

There are certain products I have a love/hate relationship with that I wanted to get rid of. Because of the price, I did not want to throw them away. One of them is the Kiehl's argan hair mask.
The product is efficient but I have this on and off thing with the smell.
I decided to used it up for this wash day as there was not much left in the jar.

My ends were frizzy because I travelled  to cold areas this past week. I started by prepooing yesterday with grapeseed oil and left it over during the night.

This morning, I shampooed my hair out with Paul Mitchell Super skinny conditionner once and followed with Hairone argan oil. I could feel how smooth my hair was while rinsing of these products.
I slather then the Kiehl's argan hair pak on and covered with Paul Mitchell Super skinny treatment. I sat under the steamer for 25m minutes. I left it cool down before rinsing with lukewarm water. I finished rinsing with cold water.
I left the turby twist on for 10 minutes to soak up the water. I applied then Paul Mitchell Super Strong leave-in treatment, a dime size of Kinky curly knot today, grapeseed oil and few drops of Kerastase oleo-relax serum.
I airdried before detangling and styling. Even though my wash process starts with detangling, I like to detangle with all my leave-ins to finish the process.

Have a wonderfull and sunny sunday!