lundi 31 décembre 2012

Wash day before relaxer

Hey there
Today I'll be preparing my hair for the relaxer to come. I planned to relax on January 04th.
First I claridied with Redken Hair cleansing cream and then shampooed once with Paul Mitchell Super skinny.
I used then Affirm 5 in 1 as protein treatment and left it for an hour under a heating cap.
After rinsing, I applied Paul Mitchell Super skinny daily treatment to tame a little bit my new growth and DC with it for an hour under under the heating cap.
I airdried after appliying Aphogee keratin and green tea leave in together with Neutrogena triple moisture silk touch leave in.

I then moisturized and sealed. My hair will be styled in a bun for the party tonight.

Drive safe and enjoy the new year eve!

jeudi 13 décembre 2012

Kiehl's Olive Fruit Oil Deeply Repairative Hair Pak

Hey there!
I came across the Kiehl's hair product line some time ago in september and try this deep repair mask.

This mask is packed with Avocado oil, olive oil and lemon among other and promises hydrated, nourished and protected strands.
This product lives up to all these claims on my hair.  I left it for 20 to 30 minutes with or without heat. Both left me with very moisturized and soft hair, yet strong. I tried it also under the steamer or all night and it waouh me. 
One thing I particularly like is that I can use this product straight from the jar without mixing it with anything, like I do with the Paul Mitchell Super charged moisturizer.
My hair LOVE LOVE this product.
I'm usually heavy handed when it comes to hair masks but with this one, a little goes a long way.
I wish it would come in a bigger jar though.
I'm also on a fence because of the price tag: at 33 euro a 250ml jar, it is insane!

It's a very good product overall but very expensive. I will purchase it only with a discount code.

mardi 11 décembre 2012

Skin care: Toner for combination skin

Hello everyone

Lately, I've been paying more attention to my skin care routine and getting some great results.
I made a combination skin toner that my skin is loving right now. My pores are tightened and the dry areas of my face are moisturized with the orange water. I apply this toner morning and night after washing my face with a gentle cleanser, Avene Trixera (review to come).

- 1/4 orange blossom foral water
- 1/4 rose water
- 1/4 lavander floral water
- 1/4 Witch Hazel water

- Hydrating properties from Orange water and rose water.
- Purifying properties from Lavander water
- Astrigent and anti-oxidant properties from Witch Hazel water.

Ciao Ciao

lundi 10 décembre 2012

Grapeseed oil: Hair and skin

Hey there
I've been using grapeseed oil for the last two months and I'm loving it!
I use grapeseed oil to seal after moisturizing my hair. This oil is very light and absorbs in my strands very quickly. It loosen my curl pattern, making stretching easier. I've also noticed that I do not need to do protein treatments that often when using it consistantly.
After finishing moisturizing and sealing, I put on my hairline all the leftover on my hands. I start to notice a bit more baby hairs. I haven't been doing anything special to my hairline, so I think grapeseed oil might have an influence on hair growth. This needs to be investigated a bit more though.

I've also experimented with grapeseed oil in skincare. I have combination skin on the drier side and prone to break out.
After removing my makeup at night, I apply a mix of grapeseed oil and few drops of eucalyptus essential oil and tea tree oil on my skin. I wake up the next morning with a smooth, hydrated skin and a bit less black heads. I've been doing this method for 3 weeks now and definitely see results in smoother skin, almost no break out nor black head.
I'm kicking myself for not trying this before!

I've used several oils in my hair journey and can definitely say that this oil will stay in my top list.

Below some links for tips on grapeseed oil for hair and skin

dimanche 9 décembre 2012

Time to change

Hey People
I've been neglecting this blog for the last months.
I'm back now and will be changing few things. As you can read from the intro, I'll be posting on new topics and not only hair related.
I hope you will enjoy these changes.