samedi 21 janvier 2012

Relaxer update

Hi everyone
First of all happy 2012, I know I'm a bit late...

It's been a long time I haven't posted. I've been pretty consistant with my hair lately and felt there was nothing to report about. Although I've not been washing my hair 2x a week but only once, hugh!
I will definitely try to get back on track on this one as soon as I get control of my agenda. Life has been hectic lately.

I also have to confess that I've been more into skin care and make up rather than hair  related questions lately. It seems to be that the deeper you are in your journey with accomplished goals, the more you want from other life goals as well!! Empowering isn't it?

Today is my relaxer day and I must say that being consitent is definitely paying off. My hair is getting more and more thicker and healthy. I'm very pleased with it.
I used ORS lye relaxer and based my scalp with coconut oil; I've used this relaxer in the past and it left me underprocessed which was OK for me. Since this was my first time trying his relaxer, I give it another chance today with the coconut oil. It left my hair underprocessed to barely texlaxed. I'm not that pleased with it as I was not going for this look and also because it's not equally processed in all parts. The ORS no-lye relaxer used to act the same when I used to use it.
For this reason, I will not use it anymore and will be throwing away the left over, not that much anyway.
I will stick to my Optimum no-lye relaxer that ALWAYS delivered predictable results. I will be struggling a bit more to keep my hair moisturized but that's fine with me.

I've tweaked a little bit my homemade moisturizing hair lotion. This new formula did wonders from day 1 post relaxer to week 19 with keeping my hair moisturized and taming my new growth. I seal with coconut oil. It worked so well that I had absolutely no issue during the whole entire stretch with detangling, moisturizing. Amazing!!!

I think I found my holy grail moisturizer!!!

Happy hair journey!!!

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