vendredi 11 novembre 2011

Dry Hair

Hey people!

Lately my hair have been dry due to the weather getting colder.
I need to go back to DCing twice a week to increase the moisture level in my hair. I must confess that I've been less consistent on this for the last couple of weeks but I'm coming back in the game.

My mid-week wash will consist in:
  • DC on dry hair under my heating cap
  • Cowash with Hairone or a cheapy conditionner
  • Detangle with hair full of conditionner, rinse and towel dry my hair.
  • Add leave-in and air dry or blow dry on cool setting.

The week-end wash will consist in :
  • hot oil treatment under heating cap
  • shampoo wash if I need to clarify or cowash with HairOne
  • Roux porosity control if needed
  • use an instant conditionner to detangle under the shower,
  • DC under the steamer or heating cap
  • rinse and towel dry my hair
  • Add leave-ins, air dry or blow dry on cool setting.
I've started already this routine and my hair is thankful for that. I hope to see more results as we go deeper in the winter time.

Ciao Ciao

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