lundi 6 août 2012

Wash day

Hi there!
This last week I've been cowashing almost every day because of the heat: it's 34/35°C out there!
The weather is also very dry and windy sometimes. I just slathered any conditionner I wanted to use up, let it sit for 5 to 10 minutes before rinsing.
So during yesterday's washing session, I knew I had to shampoo my hair to get rid of all the products coating my hair.
I started first with DC on dry hair. I mixed ORS replenishing conditionner with CON argan oil conditionner, wheat germ oil, hemp seed oil, lineseed oil and castor oil. I added also some glycerin for extra moisture.
I let it sit 1 hour under my heating cap and left it at room temperature for 2 to 3 hours before rinsing. I then shampooed with "le petit marseillais shampooing 2 en 1 à la framboise". This kid shampoo is sulfate-free, moisturizes and detangles. After rinsing, my hair smelt raspberry, yummy!

I followed up with a cheapie rinse out conditionner that was sitting in my stash.
I then toweled dry my hair before applying Kinky curly knot today as my leaving and sealed with coconut oil.
I let my hair airdry in a damp bun. I moisturized last night with my homemade concoction.
I woke up with very soft hair and new growth.

I planned to use up all the OK products in my stash before the switch to the Paul Mitchell products.

My 13 weeks new growth is requested more products with each wash and DC sessions so I hope to use up most of the products by my next relaxer.
If they are not finished yet, I'll donate them.
Ciao Ciao

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