dimanche 5 août 2012

Products: final choice

Hi there!

Some posts ago, I decided that I no longer wanted to mix and match different ranges to tailor fit my hair needs.
Two brands had my favours:
- Keracare
- Paul Mitchell
The two products ranges did show their effectiveness on my hair. The availability of the range is also a big criteria and I do not mind ordering online.

Keracare Pros
- It is easy access for me (available on pakcosmetics.com).
- Keracare Humecto and hydrating detangling shampoo are in my staple shampoo and conditionners
- Huge package quantity available at a decent price

Keracare cons
- no protein based products tried and liked from this range
- no clarifying shampoo tested and approved
- long DC sessions to see the products work
- have to mix with oils, glycerin to see results

Paul Mitchell Pros 
- Covers every area of my regimen: moisture, protein and clarifying products available
- Huge package quantity available
- My hair LOVE these products
- Versatile products as they can be used for a long or quick DC session and still be effective.
- no mixing with oils, glycerin necessary unless I want to boost the product effects

Paul Mitchell cons
- Big package quantity not easy access anymore, ( until a last minute jewel found)

Until yesterday, I was going toward the Keracare Line because of the last minute difficulties I had to find the Paul Mitchell products. Paul Mitchell products are salon exclusive. Until recently, I was able to buy them to the local pro shop thanks to professionnal hairdresser I knew. This was until he moved, leaving me with this dilemma: how to purchase them. The pro shop still carry them but you must be a pro member which I'm not.
Yesterday, I was able to solve the dilemma while browsing the internet. I could purchase it online on lookfantastic.com. Problem solved!

I can now simplify my product stash, tossing out all products opened for more time than stated on the packaging and the not so effective ones.

Products I still have to use up before turning Paul Mitchell 80%:
  • Hairone cleanser
  • Redken hair cleansing cream
  • Neutrogena silk touch leave in
  • Cantu Shea butter leave in
  • ORS neutralizing shampoo  (*)
  • ORS replenishing conditionner (*)
  • Keracare Humecto I still have remaining ( a 100ml from the tub) (*)
  • Aphogee 2 minutes (*)
  • Kerastase Oleo relax shampoo (*)
  • Kerastase Oleo relax slim mask (*)
(*): items that will not be repurchased.
The product junkie in me should fade out with the consistency brought in my product stash.

I'll still use
  • my home-made moisturizer as it is working for me winter and summer,
  • Aphogee 2 step if needed,
  • Affirm 5 in 1 conditionner during my relaxer
  • my oils (wheat germ, coconut, hemp seed, lineseed oil, castor oil, olive oil and avocado oil)
For all the rest, I'll be a Paul Mitchell girl!
Ciao Ciao

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