dimanche 16 septembre 2012

Much needed deep treatments!

Hey there!

I've relaxed my hair on August 30th and did something that I should never be doing!
I forgot a product needed for one of the crucial steps of my relaxing process:Affirm 5 in 1!
With all my travelling I forgot the back-up of the Affirm 5 in 1 and I was pretty sure that I still had some. The huge bottle went away that quick! I was there after rinsing the relaxer looking for the affirm 5 in 1 for a deep protein treatment before neutralizing. No ma'am, you will have to pass this! Yep sad I know!
Remind you I'm freaking nervous about getting all the products ready before starting to relax my hair. I remember once driving 80km to get another box relaxer when I realized that the box of relaxer I picked, had been opened and resealed in the store after basing my scalp. No, a relaxer is no joke for me.

In desperate need of a protein treatment, I grab Aphogee 2 minutes as a replacement, so mad at myself!
I proceeded with the rest of the steps and the overall results were pretty good.
At the first week's wash, I noticed that my hair did not feel as strong as with the Affirm 5 in 1 as a step in the relaxer process.

So today, I've clarified my hair with Paul Mitchell Two shampoo and then applied the Aphogee 2 step treatment. This product worked well in the past for me when my hair was pretty damaged. I sat under the dryer to make it harden and then rinsed in the shower. My hair felt immediatly stronger after rinsing but not hard.

I'm now under the steamer with a mix of Paul Mitchell Super charged moisturizer, Kerastase Oleo-relax mask, glycerin and wheat germ oil. Super moisturizing DC, right! I fear so much protein overload and the associated breakage that I mix together all the most moisturizing elements possible.

Hopefully, my hair will come back to its normal state after air drying: moisturized and strong!

Rule of thumb: Always, Always make sure you have everything you need before starting with the relaxer process!!!

Ciao Ciao

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