dimanche 6 mai 2012

Relaxer day

Hey there!
As you can read from the title, it's relaxer day! I ended a 15 weeks stretch. This time again, my new growth behaved a lot. I followed the exact same routine with moisturizing my new growth and hair with my homemade moisturizing creme.
My hair texture changed during this stretch: the curls were looser and soft.
I relaxed today with Optimum care salon no-lye relaxer in regular strength. Back to the basics finally!

I based my scalp with coconut oil and covered the relaxed strands with Chi silk infusion. Relaxer application was great as my hair was soft and detangled.
As usual, I did a protein treatment after rinsing the relaxer out and before shampooing with the neutralizing shampoo. I used Affirm 5 in 1 protein treatment.
I then shampooed with the neutralizing shampoo and then DC with a combo of Keracare Humecto and ORS replenishing conditionner. I added in the mixture vegetable glycerin, wheat germ oil. I let it sit for an hour under the heating cap.
I rinsed and toweled dry before styling.

Results are greats as always with this relaxer.
I did not want to overlap with all the previous texlaxed hair, so I still have some of the texture from 2 relaxers ago.

Ciao Ciao

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