samedi 14 mai 2011

Relaxer Day

Yesterday was my relaxer day.

I decided to switch to lye relaxer and I used the ORS Lye in normal strength.

I was so scared of burning that I underprocessed my hair! I overdid the whole basing thing. First of all, I did not use coconut and and castor oil as I usually do but vaseline. Yep thick greasy vaseline, I could slap myself for that!
I left the relaxer for the minimum recommended time. With my sensitive scalp, I was fully convinced that I would burn if I left it any longer.
Now, I do like this relaxer as the relaxed new growth is way more shinny and soft than the rest of the hair.
I will probably use it again for my August relaxer but this time I would leave it the extra 5 minutes and I will use coconut oil, not vaseline.
Lye relaxer are maybe for me and my sensitive scalp :)

I'm loving my hair right now for the shine and moisture level: purely amazing!
I'm APL now, yeahh!!!

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