mardi 29 mars 2011

Time for STRENGTH!

Hi Everyone

Today I did my Aphogee 2 step treatment which was long overdue!

I've been scared to death about this product but I learned to use it on my hair now. I might use it once during a 5 month stretch, not more.
I started by clarifying with ORS aloe shampoo and then applied the 2 step treatment.
My hair does not care about the balancing moisturizer.  So after rinsing the hair for 20 minutes, I gently towel blot my hair (well not really as I use the turby twist) to remove the excess of water.

I mixed my DC: Keracare Humecto (the tub version) with glycerin, avocado oil and castor oil.
After applying it to my entire hair, I went under my steamer from where I'm posting now.

More to come on the results.

I'm currently 14 weeks post relaxer.
Ciao Ciao

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